Commit 4e615160 authored by Avisek Naug's avatar Avisek Naug 🎨
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change vars for init

parent f613c663
......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ from gym.utils import seeding
# This class describes the formal environment which the reinforcement learning
# interacts with. It inherits some properties from the gym imported earlier
class Env(gym.Env):
def __init__(self, datapath: str = 'RL_relearn_data.pkl', modelpath: str = ''):
def __init__(self, lstm_model, datapath: str = 'RL_relearn_data.pkl'):
'''Here we initialize the data driven model for evaluating energy
The weights and biases of the models are stored in a file'''
self.model = load_model(modelpath)
self.model = lstm_model
'''choosing the weights of the rewardfn'''
self.w1 = 0.6
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