Commit 2b71bff8 authored by Lorenz Meier's avatar Lorenz Meier
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Generate messages first, then check submodules

parent 6635d411
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ $(STAGED_FIRMWARES): $(IMAGE_DIR)%.px4: $(BUILD_DIR)
$(BUILD_DIR) config = $(patsubst $(BUILD_DIR),%,$@)
$(BUILD_DIR) work_dir = $(BUILD_DIR)$(config).build/
$(FIRMWARES): $(BUILD_DIR) checksubmodules generateuorbtopicheaders
$(FIRMWARES): $(BUILD_DIR) generateuorbtopicheaders checksubmodules
@$(ECHO) %%%%
@$(ECHO) %%%% Building $(config) in $(work_dir)
@$(ECHO) %%%%
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