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Prep for 6.16 release

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......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@
* apps/nshlib/nsh_fscmds.c: Add support for a 'dmesg' command that will
dump the system log if CONFIG_SYSLOG is selected.
6.16 2012-xx-xx Gregory Nutt <>
6.16 2012-03-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* apps/examples/qencoder: Add a quadrature driver test.
* apps/examples/ostest/fpu.c: Add a test to verify that FPU registers
......@@ -202,3 +202,5 @@
initialize all statically defined C++ classes.
* apps/nshlib: Now supports a USB serial device for NSH console I/O. This
allows NSH to be used on boards that have USB but no serial connectors.
6.17 2012-xx-xx Gregory Nutt <>
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