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# Gazebo for PX4 SITL
# Gazebo for MAVLink SITL
This is a flight simulator for multirotors, VTOL and fixed wing.
NOTE: This repository is in the process of being re-integrated into RotorS:
## Install Gazebo Simulator
Follow instructions on the [official site]( to install Gazebo. Mac OS users should install Gazebo 7, Linux users Gazebo 6. Failing to install the right version can render the simulation inoperational.
......@@ -83,4 +85,4 @@ Gazebo will now launch when typing 'gazebo' on the shell:
Start the PX4 SITL executable as documented [in the PX4 SITL documentation]( Then insert the IRIS model from the **insert** tab. This should trigger the communication with the PX4 SITL app.
Please refer to the documentation of the particular flight stack how to run it against this framework.
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