Commit d8ac825e authored by Lorenz Meier's avatar Lorenz Meier
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Merge pull request #4 from PX4/fix_fw_hack

mavlink_interface: remove fixedwing hack
parents d4bc7c32 b7e7eaed
......@@ -454,7 +454,9 @@ void GazeboMavlinkInterface::handle_message(mavlink_message_t *msg)
// simple check to see if we are simulating fw or mc
// we really need to get away from this HIL message
bool is_fixed_wing = inputs.control[0] < 10.0f;
//bool is_fixed_wing = inputs.control[0] < 10.0f;
// TODO XXX: this makes SITL work again
bool is_fixed_wing = false;
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