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# Hierarchical-Model-Editor
The visualizer can be used as is.
# Hierarchical Model Editor
This is a domain-agnostic model editor for viewing and editing models through
multiple layers of containment.
- Import using the webgme-cli tool `webgme import viz HierarchicalModelEditor hierarchical-model-editor`
- Register the visualizer at nodes where it should be available.
### Some features
* Images and colors from the models are preserved.
![signal](img/signal.png "The familiar Signal Flow Model")
* In addition to connections, pointers and set-memberships are rendered as edges.
![hyperconn](img/hyperconn.png "Hyper-connections are supported")
* Relations can be created between the nodes.
![relations](img/relations.png "Clicking the node in questions brings up the possible relations.")
### Some restrictions
The positions in the cytoscape view are only persisted at one place (under
the registry `'cytoscapePosition'`). Modifying the layout starting from node
`/a/b/c` will alter the layout of all children of `/a/b/c` when viewed from
either `/a` or `/a/b`.
Currently there is no entry point to create new children using the visualizer - only relations and connections can be made.
This feature will be added.
Arrow heads for connections are not extracted and applied as cytoscape requires
such edges to be bezier curves which has really bad performance. (This can be
made into an option if requested..)
There is currently no lasso or multi-select available. (Children are moved
together with their parent(s) though.)
## Developers
The visualizer is a bundle (which should not be checked in) of components
from `webgme-react-components`.
To build use webpack:
npm run webpack
To build continuously with a watcher:
npm run webpack -- -w
### Creating a Release
Make sure all node-modules are installed (npm publish will build the
visualizer bundle which will be added to the npmjs registry).
npm version 1.0.0 -m "Release %s"
git push origin master
git checkout v1.0.0
git push origin v1.0.0
npm publish ./
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ const OPTIONS = {
// Mapping from set name to set attribute name - is label: true it will be used as label for those edges.
setMemberAttributes: {},
// The depth of the territory, i.e. the number of levels of containment-hierarchy to display.
depth: 10,
depth: 9999, // FIXME: -1 should work.
const FILTERS = {
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